• A process supervised by medical professionals to treat with drawls due to chemical    abuse.
• This process normally takes 3 to 4 days depending on the individual’s impact of addiction.
• It also provides to diagnose other physical complications which had been neglected.
• It enables the recovery process to take off smoothly.
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• It’s a Systematic application of learning techniques in treatment.
• This therapy focuses on the change in patients' overall functioning.
• This includes behavior problems from the childhood.
• Educative sessions lead to total abstinence.
• Needs are assessed with coping skills.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an Psychotherapeutic approach a talking therapy that aims to solve problems conveying dysfunctional behavior and it’s a systematic procedure done with professionalism making the person do his own inventory and acceptance of his behaviors.

• Is a technique in treating patients in a group
• This therapy breaks denial syndrome and acceptance of self is mooted.
• All significant people sit in a circle and discuss on specific topics.
• Peer support in open sharing attracts them to open up their feelings without  hesitation.
• Therapist without prejudice conducts within the norms of therapy.
• It is a type of confrontation towards self, so as to come to terms within oneself.

• Involves insight to see the problems realistically.
• Helps the patient to maintain abstinence and needs are assessed with coping skills on an ongoing basis.
• Sensitive issues are also discussed with utmost confidentiality.
• This is a continuous process, even after treatment and discharge.

• While treating the chemical dependent the entire family is brought together to discuss the related issues.
• This also helps the person to maintain abstinence and improve family situations and relationships.
• Helps them to come out of co-dependency.
• One support person is given intensive counseling to help their emotive interdependence.

• Children experience challenges and problems associated with their alcoholic parent.
• The impact ranges from minimal effect to serious lifelong problems.
• It may be simple or unnoticed of magnified results proved due to addictions.
• They are given counseling to handle their stressful situations and make them aware of help to be taken.
• Coping skills to manage their life situation.

Is for our Patients to go to work from CONCERN and be with us and goes for the meetings in the evening this stay is only for three months.
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