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Dr.Rajinikanth  Medical Officer, authors and supervises detoxification and heads the medical management team.

Dr.Anand Pratap leading Psychiatrist is our honorary consultant.

Dr.Saravana Jothi Psychiatrist takes care of Emotional displacements.

Mr.M.Vivekanadhan, M.S.W. (Medical and Psychiatric Social Work), P.G.Dip (Hospital Mgt), P.G.Dip (Guidance and counseling) is the  Project Manager. He is a Medical and Psychiatric social worker having fifteen years of experience in the addiction field. His approach towards treating alcoholics is with dignity and respect. His counseling is rated as excellent by our clients.

Mr.K.Subramani is our Administration Officer who takes care of the maintenance of CONCERN and looks after client needs. He has undergone the problems of addiction by  himself and is away for the last 11 years.

Mr.Maheedhar, qualified Chartered Accountant is our Accounts Officer looking after the books and tax accounts and guides us in financial management.

Miss Priya Darshini, nursing Assistant looks after patient care.

Mr.M.Paneer Selvam, our Warden takes care of the patients at nights. His involvement in motivating the clients especially during depression has helped many to handle their emotions.

Mrs.Lalitha, chef who cooks delicious and healthy food for the inmates.

Mrs.Saritha , is in-charge of upkeep of the centre spic and span.


Mrs. Asha Vinay, M.S.W., a Medical and Psychiatric Social Worker conduct sessions on children and social related issues.


Dr.Santhosh, a young and involved is our Medical Officer. He evinces keen interest in the field of addiction.

Mr. Govindaraj,  Branch Director takes care of administration.

Mrs.R.Sumathi, Project in charge  looks after protocol related classes for the patients and is also a co-dependent of addiction.

Mrs.Mythili, Nursing Assistant looks after Patient care

Mr.Kannan, MSW (Medical and Psychiatric Social worker is our Counselor.

Mrs.Shanthi , chef who cooks delicious and healthy food for the inmates.

Mrs.Prema , is in-charge of upkeep of the centre spic and span.

Mr.Ramalingam is our Night Warden.

HONORARY GUIDANCE - Mr.Suresh Babu M.B.A., C.A.I.I.B.,D.C.A., is our mentor. Plays a key role in decision making of the centerís activities. His exposure to the field of addiction and its recovery is over 17 years.

Ms.Bhanu Suresh Babu, with mastersí degree in psychology is the Project Director of CONCERN and heads the team. Equipped with Academic, Professional and Practical experience in the field of addiction for the last fourteen years. She is also an excellent therapist for the family of chemical dependence. She too had undergone the perils of addiction and her motivation to help the family and children of alcoholics is the driving force that led her to start CONCERN.

Our Team:
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