June 2008

CONCERN was started June 2008

Basic infrastructure was created following staff appointment.

July 26th

Dr.Anand Pratap Innaugurated CONCERN.

August 2008

CONCERN conducted an awareness program at Ramachandra medical College at Porur to medical and Psychiatric social workers and Nurses in Deaddiction ward. Dr.Raman Psychiatrist conducted the Program.

Septeber 2008

CONCERN Staff and volunteers conducted awareness program and distributed Bit notices in the Community.



October 2008

Human Chain was conducted on October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi against Drunken Driving with Devi Academy School children.


November 2008

Awareness was conducted at Police Academy on 15.11.08 at Tiruvanamalai

December 2008

World Aids day was observed at Freedom Foundation at Kolathur Chennai for Trans gender and People affected by HIV /Aids.


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